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Sony hits back at RED with patent lawsuit

Sony hits back at RED with patent lawsuit

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Just as the NAB 2013 video and media show gets underway in Las Vegas, Sony has announced that it is suing RED for patent infringement. The Japanese giant is seeking damages and a sales injunction against products including the RED One, Epic and Scarlet professional video cameras, along with other accessories and modules. Sony claims that RED has violated seven patents in total.

The case comes in response to a lawsuit that RED brought against Sony last month, which alleged "willful and wanton" patent infringement with products such as the F65, F55, and F5 cameras. Further details of Sony's countersuit aren't yet available, but RED CEO Jim Jannard has already taken to his company's forums to voice his feelings in typically brash fashion:

"Seems like someone is nervous... it just isn't me."

Jannard goes on to note that RED pays "many companies" royalties in patent licensing fees. As for the question of whether one of those should be Sony, we'll have to wait for both sides to make their arguments in court.