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Google Fiber is coming to Austin, according to leaked press release (update)

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Google TV Fiber Kansas City
Google TV Fiber Kansas City

Austin will be getting Google Fiber. There's no word on when the service will be rolled out, or how long it will take, but we do know that some Austinites will be getting the gigabit internet, television, and telephone service in the future. To-date, Kansas City and Olathe, KS are the only cities that have plans to receive Google Fiber, but now the service is moving across the country.

It's important to note that neither Google nor the City of Austin have announced the news. Instead, Gig.U, which is described as a coalition of universities promoting the expansion of next-generation broadband technologies, released word of the Fiber expansion in a press release that was obtained by Engadget before being pulled down. The release is dated for release tomorrow, April 9th, when Google and Austin had planned an event to announce something "very important," but it appears that someone accidentally posted the release early. There's a possibility that Gig.U's press release is based on earlier rumors, but we're following up to confirm. We've also reached out to Google for a statement.

Update: Gig.U has informed us that "our release was not intended to be confirmation of an announcement that has not yet happened," suggesting that the it was not based on information received directly from Google. All of the evidence, however — including a page leaked by Google itself — suggests that Austin will indeed be the next to get Fiber. We'll know for sure tomorrow at 11AM CT.