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Intel doubles the speed of next-generation Thunderbolt interface

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Intel today announced that the next version of its Thunderbolt interface will support 20Gbps transfers, twice the speed of the current 10Gbps interface. The extra bandwidth allows for the simultaneous displaying of 4K video and sending of 4K video files at the interface's full speed, and its initial production is set to begin later this year. The company also debuted an updated version of its current Thunderbolt interface that adds DisplayPort 1.2 functionality, improved power management, and a lower materials cost for the manufacturer. According to Engadget, the new cables will be thinner and should be available within the next several months.

Thunderbolt hasn't seen significant market penetration since its introduction two years ago, but it has been included across most of Apple's Mac product line. Earlier this year, it was reported that Thunderbolt's slow rollout may be the result of Intel working closely with select vendors who would provide high end experiences, rather than allowing it to see a widespread adoption. However, Engadget reports that Intel now has over 200 Thunderbolt licensees — but for now, Thunderbolt remains an impressive spec with a hefty price tag.