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Surface Pro faces warranty criticism in China following Apple issues (update)

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Surface Pro
Surface Pro

Microsoft is facing criticisms of its warranty practices in China that are similar to Apple's recent issues in the region. Bloomberg reports that China National Radio has highlighted warranty issues with Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet, noting that it should have a one-year repair warranty for the whole device and a two-year warranty for the parts. Microsoft currently offers a one-year warranty that covers the device and its parts, falling foul of a national law that requires a two-year parts warranty on notebooks.

Apple faced similar criticisms from the Chinese media after state broadcaster CCTV originally claimed Chinese consumers weren't getting the same level of service as Americans. The situation quickly escalated after Apple disputed the claims over its warranty replacement service for iPhone 4 and 4S models, leading Chinese state-run newspaper The People's Daily to call Apple "empty and self-praising." Apple CEO Tim Cook had to apologise for "any concerns or misunderstandings," while promising a clearer warranty policy for Apple's iPhone 4 and 4S smartphones.

Bloomberg notes that this similar situation could be the start of widespread media criticism of Microsoft in China. The software giant recently launched its Surface Pro tablet in China earlier this month, partnering with popular Chinese seller Tmall to launch an additional online store in the region. We have reached out to Microsoft for comment on the claims and we'll update you accordingly.

Update: Microsoft provided the following statement to The Verge regarding the warranty backlash:

Consistent with Chinese law, Surface Pro and its main components are covered under a two-year warranty. Microsoft's warranty for Surface (and all our products) complies with — and may exceed — what local consumer law requires. We stand behind our products with a manufacturer's warranty — which is additional to our commitment to honor any statutory obligation — as either a manufacturer or retailer — to repair or replace a faulty product.