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Mozilla Persona becomes yet another single sign-on solution

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mozilla persona login
mozilla persona login

Mozilla has updated its Persona login system to allow users to sign up for and sign on to any supporting website using only an existing email account. The system works much like Facebook Connect: if a website supports Persona logins, a user can enter their email information, and an account will be created for them, removing the need for additional usernames and passwords. Mozilla's updated system serves as an open alternative to login systems like Facebook Connect and Google+ Sign-in, however this new feature requires support from an email provider for it to function. The simplified single sign-on currently only works with Yahoo email addresses, but the company says that within several months it will support enough providers to accommodate over half of all internet users. Otherwise, visitors can create an account directly with Persona to use it.

Though Mozilla is working directly with Yahoo, it's actually reproducing universal login functionality already offered by the company's email accounts. This type of login system has seen an increased popularity, with some services like Spotify that have at times required that users sign in through Facebook Connect. However, other open logins such as OpenID have existed for some time now, and like those competing systems, Persona must be specifically added to a given website for a visitor to be able to use it. This new version is Persona's second beta release, and it also adds support for Mozilla's upcoming mobile FirefoxOS.