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Hyperlapse tool lets you turn Google Street View into a stunning visual journey

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Google Street View Hyperlapse
Google Street View Hyperlapse

Have you ever taken a trip down a road or explored a path in Google Street View just to see where it will take you? A project released today from Teehan+Lax Labs has elevated Google's Street View feature to an unexpected, even beautiful level. With a simple UI and Google's map data, Google Street View Hyperlapse allows explorers to zoom fluidly along preselected or custom routes, anywhere in the world where Google has captured Street View data. The creators of the tool say that they originally aimed to make creating traditional hyperlapses easier with Street View as an aid, but "quickly discovered that it could be used as the source material." From there, they created a user interface around the hyperlapse engine, and release it for free online. The video below was created using the hyperlapse tool — and while the visual quality isn't perfect, it's weirdly captivating.