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Google Chrome for iOS gains fullscreen and printing powers with latest update

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Chrome for iOS
Chrome for iOS

Google has updated its Chrome browser for the iPhone and iPad with new fullscreen browsing options on the iPhone and printing capabilities on all devices. The printing feature uses Google's Cloud Print service or Apple's own AirPrint, and it also offers the ability to save websites as PDFs to a Google Drive account. Though the limitations in iOS mean that this version of Chrome won't be able to take advantage of Google's new Blink rendering engine when that is released, it's nice to see that Google is keeping up with Apple's own Safari browser when it comes to supported features. The update is available in the iTunes App Store now.

Update: Google has now added the full screen browsing feature to Chrome Beta for Android, and it is giving more transparency to how much data is being saved by its experimental data compression feature. The update is available in the Google Play Store now.