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Bill Clinton and Stephen Colbert craft the ex-president's first tweet

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bill clinton stock 1020
bill clinton stock 1020

At the end of Bill Clinton's presidency, the dot-com bubble had burst, Napster was on the brink of being shut down, and email accounts didn't have much more than 10MB of storage. Clinton's use of technology was limited during his time in office, but he's come around to Facebook and texting in particular. As for Twitter, however, the former president hasn't been interested in signing up.

Stephen Colbert brought up his absence from the short-form social network in an interview last night, and Clinton explained his reticence, "I'm sort of insecure. What if you tweet and nobody tweets back? There's nothing worse than a friendless tweeter, right?" Despite the former president's concerns, Colbert took the liberty of making an account for him. You can watch Clinton send his first tweet with the assistance of Colbert below: