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Vudu says hard drives containing private customer information were stolen in March

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vudu 1020 stock
vudu 1020 stock

Video streaming company Vudu has just revealed that a break-in occurred at its offices on March 24th, and that hard drives containing "customer names, email addresses, phone numbers, account activity, dates of birth, and the last four digits of some credit card numbers" were among the items stolen. The company says no full credit card numbers were included in the stolen data (the company doesn't store them), but there's obviously plenty of other personal information up for grabs in the leak, including encrypted customer passwords. Vudu has reset all customer passwords in response to the breach, but warns that customers may be at ongoing risk for spam or phishing.

Vudu announced the breach in an email to customers today, and has set up an FAQ page on its website. The company says it will offer a year of AllClear ID identity protection services to its customers free of charge. "We have many measures in place to protect customers' data and we are implementing additional measures to protect against physical theft," the company writes. Vudu has not revealed how many people may have had data stolen, but we've asked it to comment on the situation.

Update: Vudu says that "we are not discussing details around numbers" in response to our query as to how many people had their data compromised in the break-in.

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