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Boxee adds free, limited Cloud DVR service tier alongside rebranding

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boxee lead
boxee lead

Boxee is now offering a new free tier for potential users who are interested in a cloud-based DVR but don't want to shell out a monthly fee. Now, you can buy the rebranded, $99.99 Boxee Cloud DVR (the new name for Boxee TV, which the company told GigaOm more accurately reflects the product's main feature) and get five hours of DVR playback per month. Recordings expire after 90 days, rather than being stored indefinitely as they are when you sign up for the $9.99 monthly "all-access" Cloud DVR plan. The free plan is definitely limited, and we imagine anyone who is willing to shell out the cash for the Boxee Cloud DVR won't get much use out of it. The Cloud DVR service is still unfortunately limited, as well — consumers in eight major cities can take advantage of the service, and it supports a total of eight channels (including the four major broadcast networks). Of course, it also offers apps like Netflix, but today's news only brings the dream of unlimited cloud TV storage any closer to a select few.