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The Verge wins five Webby Awards: a thank you

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verge balloon logo
verge balloon logo

We're pleased and incredibly proud to announce that The Verge has taken home five 2013 Webby Awards, as voted on by the good people of the internet (and also regular people too, we assume). Those awards cover Best Writing (Editorial), Best Visual Design (Function), Best Consumer Electronics Site, Best Podcast for The Vergecast, and Best News App. In fact, we won every category in which we were nominated.

It's hard to overstate how thankful we are to all of the readers and fans who turned out to vote — we had some incredible competition such as TED, The New Yorker, and Flipboard. It means the world to us that you thought we deserved the prizes. While we can't share the awards personally with everyone who voted, we will be lifting a glass in your honor. Perhaps several.

But before that, a simple thank you. We literally couldn't have done it without you.