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Apple exploring iOS 7 email and calendar overhaul, says Bloomberg

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iOS calendar and mail
iOS calendar and mail

Bloomberg is echoing previous reports that Apple's iOS 7 risks being delayed thanks to a significant "software overhaul." Along with the widely-expected UI refresh, Bloomberg says that Apple is "exploring more dramatic changes" for the iOS 7 Mail and Calendar apps, so different in fact that these apps may come in a later release. Jony Ive, who is overseeing the development of the OS refresh, is reportedly shunning "realistic" images and UI elements in favor of a flat UI.

As well as redesigning the overal aesthetic of the OS, Jony Ive has been exploring new ways for users to interact with their devices. Ive has apparently "met with makers of gesture technology" to discuss the possibility of adding such features to iOS. The designer is interested in "altering how people control their computers." Bloomberg stresses that these drastic interface changes are not likely to arrive with iOS 7. Despite rumors of a delay, Apple promises that it'll get both iOS 7 and a new version of OS X into developer hands at its WWDC conference this June.