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Sexts as art: Karen Finley to create paintings inspired by anonymous, explicit texts

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Karen Finley sexting
Karen Finley sexting

Can sexting inspire artwork? The New Museum and Karen Finley think so. They've announced a forthcoming exhibit, "Sext Me if You Can," that will showcase paintings based on sexually explicit messages Finley receives from total strangers. Those interested in providing some "inspiration" will need to show up for an anonymous, ten-minute sitting between May 23rd and 26th. From there, they'll be handed a private phone number where they'll direct their carefully composed sext. Promotional materials for the exhibit suggest both images and texts are fair game. Once patrons hit the "send" button, Finley will create a painting (or series of paintings) based on each contribution.

As the New Museum puts it, "Through this process, the erotic exchange with the artist — bound by rules of commerce — transforms into a lasting and collectible work of art." That "commerce" part is important to highlight; to take part in the sensual project, you'll need to lay out a commission. Rates start at $200 to take home your painting on regular old paper, and climb to $500 for a large canvas.