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Xbox Live Arcade hit 'Fez' finally arrives on PC for $9.99

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Fez PC
Fez PC

Phil Fish's Fez launched just over a year ago on Xbox Live Arcade, where it's managed to sell over 200,000 copies. But now the puzzle / platformer indie hit is finally moving beyond Microsoft's console; the long-awaited PC version of Fez was released today. Gamers have several choices when it comes to buying the $9.99 title; it's available through Steam (where you can also purchase a $14.99 bundle that includes the game's soundtrack),, and via a Humble Store widget on Polytron's website. Fish would prefer that fans go with the latter option, as he pulls in a larger cut of Humble sales. Regardless of which method gamers pick, the important thing is that the long wait is finally over.