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Google adds remote desktop to Hangouts, lets users simultaneously video chat and troubleshoot

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Google+ remote desktop
Google+ remote desktop

Google+ Hangouts just received a small but potentially quite useful upgrade today — as of now, Hangouts include a remote desktop feature. This lets you remotely control the computer of someone you're having a Hangout with for troubleshooting purposes, and the Hangout lets you keep chatting and walk through the troubleshooting process with the person on the other end. The feature is tucked away under the "Hangout Apps" section, and you'll obviously need permission from the other user, but this is a pretty clever way for Google to solve the constant problem of remote support.

Not surprisingly, it's build on the same technology as Chrome Remote Desktop, but building it into a video chat client is a nice touch. A whole host of services like LogMeIn and GoToMyPC have sprung up to cater to those needing to help friends or family remotely. It looks like Google is aiming to wipe those out, at least among those already using Google+ for video chat. If you have a family member that needs some help with their computer, you can use the Google+ remote desktop feature now.