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Surface Pro gets pressure sensitive stylus support for Photoshop and other apps

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Microsoft's release of its Surface Pro tablet in February, with a wacom digitizer, was met with disappointment for some owners who wanted to use the stylus pressure sensitivity support with traditional desktop apps like Photoshop. After promising to work with Wacom to provide an updated driver, it's finally available. Wacom has supplied the updated driver, and it appears that Microsoft is testing the version itself with a potential release as part of its monthly Surface updates.

The updated driver brings WinTab API support for desktop applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Painter, and Zbrush. The driver also continues to support Windows Inbox Drivers and APIs for pressure sensitive support in "Metro" apps like FreshPaint. The combination of support finally allows Surface Pro users to utilize the Wacom digitize fully. If you're interested in trying the driver ahead of Microsoft's own release, head over to Wacom's driver support page.

Thanks, Firefly7475!