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Facebook Home now available for Galaxy S4 and HTC One

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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs One (875px)
Samsung Galaxy S4 vs One (875px)

Since the release of Facebook Home last month, the software has been limited to a small handful of phones headlined by the new HTC First, but it appears that Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One owners can now give their phones a Facebook makeover, too. Android Central reports that after an update to the official Facebook app (but strangely, not the Home app), both phones are reportedly able to run the launcher. In the case of the S4, you’ll first be greeted with a popup asking if you want to "Use Home Anyway," but everything works fine. The One, on the other hand, has no such confirmation, and we’ve been able to confirm that installing Home does work despite a lack of changes in the app’s Play store listing.

Android Central reports that the launcher now runs on Sony’x Xperia ZL, as well. It’s a little weird that Facebook decided to roll this out so quietly, but if you own any of the phones above, you’re free to give Home a spin.