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The Vergecast 077: Glass in the real world

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Vergecast Logo lede image
Vergecast Logo lede image

Stand up, sit down, miss the chair, wonder how you did, look back, see your buddies, curse the sky, try to stand up, banana peel, slip and fall again, seriously wonder how you missed that, try to block out everyone laughing by humming a song, realize it's a very lame song from the 90s and you're humming very loud, realize everyone is now laughing harder, turn beet red, wonder why you've been spelling it "beat red" all this time without questioning it, realize you're still on the floor, give up on trying to stand, crab walk to nearest exit, stand up, brush yourself off, go home, lay in bed, open laptop, and watch the Vergecast.

  • YouTube launches paid channels starting at $0.99 per month
  • Using Google Glass: stuck in traffic
  • Using Google Glass: at a Justin Timberlake concert
  • Amazon building smartphone with a 3D screen, says WSJ
  • Adobe Photoshop and Creative Suite to become subscription-only products
  • Who am I? Data and DNA answer one of life’s big questions