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Amazon launches cloud photo storage app for iPhone

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amazon cloud drive photo ios better
amazon cloud drive photo ios better

Amazon has launched a Cloud Drive Photos app for iOS, letting owners of the iPhone and iPad join Android users in storing their photography on the company's servers. The app allows users to both upload pictures to their Amazon Cloud account and to browse the photos that are already stored there. Like Apple's built-in Photo Stream feature, Amazon's app can automatically pull in all of the new photos taken on a device — though because of iOS's limitations, the app can only do that whenever it's opened. But unlike with Photo Stream, images uploaded to Amazon's Cloud drive are able to be viewed online through a browser, not just within specific apps.

Storage for photos comes out of Amazon's standard Cloud Drive accounts, which begin with 5GB of space for free. The company has made its cloud services a bit more robust lately, releasing an improved its OS X app and adding a new way for users to access music that they've purchased. Though the Cloud Drive Photos app is new to iOS, it launched on Android in November and was integrated into the Kindle Fire HD prior to that. The app isn't really doing anything that other services, such as Dropbox or Apple's Photo Stream, don't already do, but it's helping Amazon to round out its cloud ecosystem.