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Apple reportedly expands two-step authentication to Canada and 11 more countries

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Apple ID password
Apple ID password

In late March, Apple introduced more secure two-step authentication for Apple ID / iCloud accounts, just before a major exploit temporarily allowed passwords to be reset with only an email address and date of birth. Initially, though, it was available only in the United States, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. Now, 9to5 Mac reports that it's been expanded to many other countries, mostly across Europe and the Americas. Canada has apparently been confirmed for two-step authentication, and tipsters have also reported success in Argentina, Pakistan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Russia, Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, and Poland.

Apple's FAQ page doesn't yet list these countries, but eligible users should be able to see two-step authentication by signing in to manage their Apple ID and visiting the Password and Security section. Two-step authentication, which often works by texting a code to verify users when they log in, is one of the simpler ways to make account compromises harder, and getting it to a wider group of users and sites is long overdue.