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Google Play Games allegedly leaks with achievements, cloud saves, and in-game chat

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google play games (android police)
google play games (android police)

Google may be preparing to unveil an Android gaming service in the vein of Xbox Live or iOS' Game Center. That's the indication from a leaked build of Google Play Services obtained by Android Police, which appears to reveal several details about a platform to be known as Google Play Games. The file contains references to achievements, in-game chat, matchmaking, cloud save syncing, and leaderboards, along with a green controller-shaped icon.

The service appears to have deep hooks into Google+. Google's social network looks to handle all user ID information for Google Play Games — for example, you can limit notifications to those sent from people in certain circles, and you'll be able to share scores directly on Google+. Android Police notes that most of this leak corroborates information obtained earlier from the Google Glass companion app; with Google's annual I/O conference taking place in just a few days, an official announcement may well follow soon.