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Helplessness, despair, and Street View come together in 'GeoGuessr' Google Maps game

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Google Maps is usually for helping you navigate, but a new game based on Street View is about being almost hopelessly lost. GeoGuessr drops you at a random Street View location across the earth, leaving you to move around the map as much as you'd like before ultimately taking a guess at where you're actually standing. Though you'll occasionally get lucky and start off right in front of a hotel billboard printed with a city's name on it, for the most part you'll be wandering around country roads, scrounging hints off of signs and license plates, and trying to make it back to civilization. Though GeoGuessr a relatively simple game, it almost recalls the confusion and wonder of Myst, right in our own world. The game runs through five rounds of guessing before giving players a final score, though unfortunately, there's no built-in leaderboard yet to show how you stack up against fellow lost travelers.