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Nokia's next Lumia teased on TV with a metal body and big camera lens

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Lumia teaser
Lumia teaser

Nokia announced its latest Lumia 928 handset on Friday, but the company has more planned for an event in London next week. On Sunday, Nokia teased part of this announcement during a commercial break on British TV. The short promo shows the rear of a device with a hump around the large camera lens and an accompanying flash arrangement. "More than your eyes can see," reads the accompany text between various images of the device.

Nokia's teaser looks a lot like the leaked photos of its aluminum "Catwalk" device, which The Verge understands are genuine images of an upcoming Nokia flagship. The hump and placement of the flash is identical and the teaser appears to show a device with a metal exterior. However, Nokia is also preparing a 41-megapixel "EOS" Windows Phone, and it will follow a similar design pattern to the "Catwalk" device. Recent rumors have suggested that Nokia's "Catwalk" will be named the Lumia 925 with similar hardware specifications to the Lumia 920. Little else was shown in the promo, but Nokia is set to unveil all on May 14th. The Verge will be covering the event live, stay tuned.