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Google+ extends its reach with article recommendations for mobile websites

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Google+ Mobile Recommendations
Google+ Mobile Recommendations

Google has been extending the functionality of Google+ with a steady stream of feature rollouts, and today the company has announced the latest addition: the ability to add content recommendations to mobile websites. The feature — launching today on the Forbes mobile site — appears as a small bar at the bottom of a given article. Tapping it brings up suggested articles for that site, keying off the author, the topics discussed, or what is being shared on Google+ to generate the suggestions. Users don't need to be signed into their Google+ account to see the recommendations, but if they are they'll also see suggestions based upon what those in their Google+ Circles have been sharing.

While Forbes is the immediate launch partner, any site will be able to integrate the functionality. Adding a line of Javascript will call up the recommendations, with a dashboard in Google+ itself allowing developers and content creators to tweak where and how the bar will manifest. The new mobile recommendations work on iOS and Android, though they aren't dependent on any particular browser. On its surface the feature is a net gain for both users and websites; users will be able to find more stories of interest, while websites will be able to keep users on their mobile sites longer. With Google I/O kicking off on Wednesday, we're sure this is just one of many new Google+ features we'll see in the week ahead.