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Yahoo recruits Path and Google+ veteran to drive mobile push

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Former Google+ leader moves to Yahoo, via Path

Path Mayer
Path Mayer

All Things D reports that Marissa Mayer has added Dylan Casey, the former Head of Product Management at Path, to her growing assemblage of mobile and social media experts. Prior to his leading role at Path, Casey worked on another social network, Google+, where he was involved in an ill-fated redesign of the Google bar — though both he and Mayer will surely be hoping for better things ahead. His recruitment continues a prolific series of hirings and acquisitions by Yahoo CEO Mayer, who is determined to rebuild the web company as a relevant and vital player in the mobile realm.

Yahoo's resurgence has started off well so far, with widely lauded redesigns of the Flickr and Mail apps plus the release of Yahoo! Weather for the iPhone. The company has also shown its adroitness in turning the $30 million acquisition of Summly into an updated version of its iOS app in under a month. Given Dylan Casey's resume, it seems sensible to assume his hiring will signal a renewed effort on Yahoo's part to offer a compelling social networking service. In any case, his familiarity with Marissa Mayer from their time working together at Google should provide a good working relationship, whatever task he may be assigned.