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Aereo streamlines its plans, eliminates daily and annual subscription options

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Aereo (STOCK)
Aereo (STOCK)

Aereo has just announced that it is cutting back on the number of plans it offers by eliminating its $1 per day plan it introduced last summer as well as the option to have a cheaper annual subscription. Now, Aereo will only offer its its $8 monthly plan (which includes 20 hours of DVR storage) or a $12 monthly plan that triples DVR storage to 60 hours. Unfortunately for those who knew they were in for the long haul with Aereo, the $80 annual subscription will no longer be an option, which means customers will definitely be paying more over the course of a year, regardless of how much storage they need. Aereo says that its data showed that customers wanted a "simple" approach to pricing, but it's a shame that simple approach eliminates some of the more economical offerings.

On the plus side, Aereo is now offering a free month of service to new customers, right off the bat — you can try it for free and cancel at any time without having to pay. Before, Aereo would give the second month free to $8 and $12 monthly plan subscribers, but this makes it easier to really see how much Aereo is worth to you before shelling out any cash. The company says that these new plans will be available starting on May 15th; any customers who were already subscribed to the $12 monthly plan will automatically have their plans bumped from 40 hours of storage to 60. While we don't love Aereo's plan to remove options for consumers, the free month should help Aereo attract new customers as it expands.