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Microsoft adds photo timeline to SkyDrive, makes your library easier to sort through

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SkyDrive photo timeline
SkyDrive photo timeline

Like other cloud storage providers, Microsoft wants you to feel comfortable keeping thousands of personal photos on its SkyDrive service. But if it's difficult for users to sort through and find certain memories, that functionality is of limited value. Today the company is taking steps to make photos (which are uploaded to SkyDrive more than any other file type) easier to navigate with the introduction of a timeline-based "All photos" view. Images are sorted by event and time — photos taken several hours apart on the same day will appear in different events, for instance. If you're used to browsing through your photo library on Facebook, the overall feel should prove familiar.

Microsoft says it's been working to make the overall SkyDrive photo experience more reliable and intuitive elsewhere, too. Upload speeds have been improved in the SkyDrive desktop app, and as the company announced last week, SkyDrive now accepts full-resolution photo and video uploads from Windows Phone 8 devices.