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Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories' available now to stream in its entirety from iTunes (update)

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daft punk random access memories
daft punk random access memories

A copy of Random Access Memories has leaked onto the internet after over a month of hype surrounding Daft Punk's first proper studio album since 2005. Columbia Records has been slowly revealing details about the record: it released the single "Get Lucky" last month and it's been publishing interviews with some of the album's high-profile collaborators, setting up one of the most-hyped album launches in recent memory. The single — and now the album — made it online before the label intended, which is not at all uncommon for the music industry. "Get Lucky" broke Spotify's streaming records, and it shot to the top of the iTunes charts upon release. The copy of the album released on the internet today is both illegal and low quality, but it appears to be authentic. Random Access Memories is set for official release on May 21st.

Update: The iTunes Store landing page for Daft Punk features a full 74-minute preview of the entire album. It's not clear if the leaked copy was ripped from iTunes before the store was updated to include the preview, but either way, an 100-percent official, free, and legal copy of Random Access Memories is available for your listening pleasure right now on iTunes.

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