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Verizon pushes up Samsung Galaxy S4 release date to May 23rd

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Samsung Galaxy S4 in hand (875px)
Samsung Galaxy S4 in hand (875px)

Verizon Wireless will release Samsung's Galaxy S4 one week earlier than originally planned, with the Android flagship now set to arrive at stores and the carrier's web store on May 23rd. Late last month, Verizon said customers would need to wait until May 30th to get their hands on the new handset — already available from all three other major US carriers. The expedited date means Verizon will still be last out of the gate in delivering the S4 to retail, but the wait just got a bit shorter for those awaiting Samsung's latest and greatest. Price-wise, we're talking the same $199.99, but if you've already placed a pre-order, there's a good chance you'll have the device in hand before the end of next week.