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Watch this: One World Trade Center's spire lowered into place above a miniature Manhattan

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one world trade center (youtube)
one world trade center (youtube)

Whether or not New York’s One World Trade Center is officially recognized as the tallest building in the western hemisphere, its highest point still stands a gargantuan 1,776 feet above street level. Last week, construction crews celebrated a milestone as the building’s 408-foot spire was carefully lowered onto the building's peak, and if you’re curious what the view of lower Manhattan looks like from a third of a mile up, take a look at the Port Authority's overhead view of the final segment being lifted into place. A GoPro camera was used to capture the slow ascent of the 40-ton hunk of steel, LED lights, and electrical components as it was lifted over a crowd of workers, who looked on and cheered from the deck far, far below.