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BlackBerry 10.1 rolling out to Z10 starting today, will reach US carriers by end of May

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BlackBerry 10 stock
BlackBerry 10 stock

On stage at BlackBerry Live 2013, CEO Thorsten Heins just revealed that BlackBerry 10.1, the updated version of the company's new OS that shipped with the Q10, is coming to Z10 users beginning today. Additions include support for PIN-to-PIN messaging in BlackBerry Hub, HDR photography, deeper customization of notifications, universal search actions, and generally speedier, less buggy performance. Heins said that most international carriers should be distributing the new update by the end of this week, with US carriers slated to receive 10.1 by the end of May. Z10 owners will receive an alert notifying them of the available download, and you can also manually check for the update in system settings.

Heins also provided an updated on how BlackBerry 10's growing app catalog is faring. Over 120,000 apps for the new OS are currently available for download. Heins called out some notable additions including iHeartRadio, SoundHound, Bloomberg Hub, and Skype — which ships alongside BlackBerry 10.1 today.