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Lumia 920 vs. 925 vs. 928: Nokia's flagship trifecta in pictures

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Gallery Photo:
Gallery Photo:

Launched at today's event in London, the aluminum-clad Lumia 925 is the third member of Nokia's flagship 92x-series of Lumia devices. The Finnish company defines all three handsets in the group — the six-month-old 920, the recently unveiled 928 for Verizon, and the utterly new 925 — as flagship models, though each represents a subtly different set of priorities. The Lumia 928, for example, is built around the tagline of "own the night," and consequently includes a xenon flash and an emphasis on audio recording.

The slimline 925 is framed by an aluminum shell that acts both as its antenna and as a structural support, but that thinner profile also means it misses out on the integrated wireless charging that the other two handsets offer. Peruse the gallery below to spot more of these distinctions between Nokia's top models (the Lumia 920 is in yellow and the Verizon-bound 928 has that carrier's insignia both on its front and back).

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