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Microsoft confirms Windows 8.1 as official name for 'Blue' update, free for Windows 8 users

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Tami Reller stock
Tami Reller stock

Speaking at JP Morgan's Media & Telecom Conference today, Windows CFO Tami Reller revealed that Windows 8.1 will be the official name for Windows Blue. The confirmation is not surprising given its presence in recently leaked builds, and it follows Microsoft's previous promise that developers will be able to install a Public Preview version of Windows 8.1 in late June.

Microsoft will offer Windows 8.1 as a free update to existing Windows 8 users through the Windows Store. The software giant is expected to detail the full improvements to Windows 8.1 at its Build developer conference in June. Early builds of Windows 8.1 have shown that Microsoft is aiming to improve its Start Screen interface and bring changes to accomodate additional screen sizes. OEMs are expected to release a number of 7- and 8-inch Windows-powered devices in the coming months ahead of Windows 8.1, with a big push this holiday season.