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Surface RT gets improved speaker volume with latest firmware updates

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Gallery Photo: Microsoft Surface RT pictures
Gallery Photo: Microsoft Surface RT pictures

Microsoft is continuing its regular monthly updates this month, with a number of changes to both of its Surface tablets. The "Patch Tuesday" updates are rolling out immediately and for Surface Pro users they'll include some improvement in Wi-Fi connectivity and stability. There's also a video driver update to improve Skype and a specific OpenGL bug in Adobe Photoshop. Finally, there's an update to enable the PXE boot feature, an option that administrators typically use to install a copy of Windows across a network. There's no sign of the updated Wacom driver for improved sensitivity in desktop apps.

Surface RT owners will get a driver pack with the latest update that includes a specific improvement in the speaker volume. Owners have complained previously of a low volume, and this is being addressed alongside some other system stability improvements. The regular security updates are also rolling out alongside these specific firmware changes.