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Play The Verge-curated 'Sound Shapes' album on May 28th

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Gallery Photo: Sound Shapes Beck gallery
Gallery Photo: Sound Shapes Beck gallery

PS3 and Vita game Sound Shapes has some amazing music from some amazing artists: think Beck, Jim Guthrie, and Deadmau5. But it also lets players create their own levels and sounds, and soon you'll be able to check out our favorites. On May 28th, the Sound Shapes Milkcrate will add five guest-curated albums, featuring the best player-created levels the game has to offer. Among those guests is The Verge, and you'll also be able to check out hand-picked albums from the likes of gaming site Gamespot, record label Ghostly International, Pixeljunk Eden composer Baiyon, and Sound Shapes developer Queasy Games. And if you're looking to get started making some levels of your own, there's good news, as today the game received two new $0.99 sound packs, letting you jazz up your creations with both dubstep and '80s synth-pop.