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EA working on 'Frostbite Go' game engine for Android and iOS

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Battlefield 3: Aftermath
Battlefield 3: Aftermath

EA has long been said to be working on a mobile version for its Frostbite engine, and now the company has posted information about the effort online. The Frostbite page officially reveals the existence of Frostbite Go, a "mobile division" meant to allow Frostbite-based games. While it says the Frostbite Go project will target "all major mobile platforms," only iOS and Android are mentioned specifically. The company was hiring mobile developers last year, and an EA / Dice project manager mentioned a mobile team called Frostbite Go in April. Epic — whose mobile version of Unreal Engine 3 powers popular iOS game Infinity Blade — has long led the pack in bringing AAA engines to mobile platforms, but EA and Crytek have both previously made tentative steps into the space.

No timeline is given for Frostbite Go's work, nor do we know any potential titles that might ship with it. EA is currently developing the Frostbite 3 engine, which will debut with Battlefield 4 this fall. It will also power a newly announced line of Star Wars games developed by EA. Somewhat oddly, Frostbite 3 has already been declared potentially unviable on one lower-powered platform: that new Star Wars series won't be coming to the Wii U because of performance problems.