Almost two years in, Google’s social network hasn’t siphoned much activity off of Facebook. But even if Google+ doesn’t yet have all your friends, it does have one of the world’s most powerful data centers at its disposal. Starting today, the network will start leveraging that power, focusing on winning users’ photos by making them look better than they do straight out of your camera.

“Your darkroom is now a Google data center,” said Vic Gundotra, who leads Google’s social efforts, in an interview with The Verge. Images have become the most compelling part of Google+, and that’s by design: Google is betting that if it can get your photos, it can eventually get your friends.

Data-center muscle is coming to Google’s social network in three ways: powerful processing that automates photo selection and image editing; a redesigned news feed that creates automated hashtags to encourage exploration; and a unified messaging service aimed at making Google your central communications hub.