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Windows RT hits a new low: just $300 for Dell's XPS 10 convertible

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Dell XPS 10
Dell XPS 10

Microsoft's Surface notwithstanding, Windows RT hasn't yet been the success that Microsoft has hoped. Samsung seems to be distancing itself from the operating system, and many PC manufacturers have yet to bite at all. However, Dell has publicly committed to the OS, and this week it's making Windows RT more accessible than ever before: it's cutting the price of the Dell XPS 10 tablet to just $299.

We still wouldn't necessarily recommend buying one at that price, even with the sizable $150 discount it represents. Even tablets equipped with Intel's lowly Atom processors have been putting Windows RT devices to shame, and we haven't spent enough quality time with the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 inside the Dell XPS 10 to let you know how it performs. Still, at only $350 for a bundle that includes the XPS 10 and a keyboard dock that vastly improves battery life, it might still be a fantastic deal for the right buyer.