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Google adds button-free voice search in Chrome: just say 'OK Google'

Google adds button-free voice search in Chrome: just say 'OK Google'

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Google has updated its voice search feature with what it calls a "no-interface" approach for Chrome and Chrome OS. With the latest version of Google Search, saying "OK Google" and asking a question will prompt it to respond, with no button presses needed. Like Siri or previous voice searches, users can ask a question with natural language, and Google's Knowledge Graph will parse the question, giving a voice response and showing results. Searches can be personalized (as long as you've turned on the Gmail Search field trial feature) — in a demo, Google showed off commands like "Send an email to Katie" or "Show me my photos from New York last year." Local search results will let you find places nearby and get directions.

Essentially, this is a step forward from Google Now, letting you look for personalized information rather than having it brought to you with Now's cards system. Like any other system, it has to work with what you put into it; to get better results, you'll need to give Google more data. On Android, you'll also apparently still be tapping an icon to start up search, though more conversational personalized answers will be coming in an update; other Now updates are also coming. Chrome, iOS, and Android will all be getting the new features "soon."

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