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Google's new Hangouts app will come to Glass

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google hangouts edited
google hangouts edited

Hangouts, the new Google messaging service that unifies the company's disparate offerings in the space, will eventually be available on Glass. Vic Gundotra, Google’s senior vice president of engineering, told ABC News' Joanna Stern that Hangouts would be able to provide Glass with more social functionality.

"Hangouts is the answer. Our focus is on face-to-face to face communications. The Hangout app we just showed is going to be available for Glass."

No details were given on what features the app will have or how it will work on Glass, though it seems an obvious fit for the heads-up display — Glass already lets you host video chats and see notifications from services such as Google+. Gundotra didn't elaborate on when the app might be made available; with Glass's consumer release still some way off, though, it's unlikely that many will get to use it any time soon.