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Gmail's new quick action buttons let you complete tasks without leaving your inbox

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To make email even less of a hassle, Google has added new quick action buttons to Gmail on the web. Similar to Micosoft's Active Views platform, the new buttons are designed to help you handle your email from your inbox, without needing to open a single message. Currently, Gmail supports four actions: event invite responses, review submissions, one-click replies for tasks like confirming registration emails, and links that take the user off-site to perform an action like an airport check-in.

Google has also added interactive flight cards to Gmail, so when you open a flight confirmation email, all the important information from the flight will be displayed directly at the top of the page. The company says it will be able to detect whether your flight is on time, display any connections, and give check-in prompts if you haven't yet confirmed your departure. Developers are also invited to create their own actions for Gmail, so expect to see more support for one-click interactions as Google rolls out the new feature over the coming weeks.

Update: Google has also named some developer partners who are already taking advantage of quick actions — or plan to soon. Among the notables are Spotify (if an email contains a song link, you can play it directly inside Gmail) and Netflix. We expect to see more before long, as the convenience of this new feature is already apparent.