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Samsung backtracks on Galaxy S4 storage issues, hints at update to free up space

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Samsung Galaxy S4 hero more better (1024px)
Samsung Galaxy S4 hero more better (1024px)

Samsung has said it will look into ways to free up more storage in its new Galaxy S4 handset after the issue was featured on consumer BBC TV show Watchdog. Offering only 8GB of free space on its 16GB model, CNET reports that the company will review "the possibility to secure more memory space through further software optimisation."

Earlier this month, Samsung irked customers by suggesting that Galaxy S4 owners could alleviate their storage concerns by purchasing a microSD card. It previously pointed to the flagship's 1080p display and "more powerful features" as the primary reasons why certain models only offered around half the storage space the company advertised. Recognizing that the Galaxy S4's new TouchWiz features are a bit too much for some, Samsung will release a Nexus version of the smartphone in the US on June 26th.