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Leaked Scroogled video sees Microsoft parody Google's Chrome ad

Leaked Scroogled video sees Microsoft parody Google's Chrome ad

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Microsoft and Google have been locked in a war of words over a YouTube Windows Phone app, but in the midst of the arguments a new Scroogled ad has emerged. Designed to be an internal-only video, a copy has somehow managed to find its way onto the web right in the middle of Google's I/O developer conference.

Unlike Microsoft's previous attempts, this directly parodies Google's own Chrome ads with a bouncing ball tracking how Google allegedly targets you with ads. It's identical to Google's own Chrome "Now Everywhere" ad, set to the same music and style. A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that the ad is genuine, stating it's "an internal video that was leaked."

While Google CEO Larry Page didn't mention Microsoft's Scroogled campaign directly, during an appearance at I/O on Wednesday he did detail his thoughts on some negativity against Google. "Every story I read about Google, it’s kind of us versus some other company, or some stupid thing," said Page. "And I just don’t find that very interesting." This latest Scroogled ad might not interest Page, but it's the latest in a heated competition between the two companies. "We certainly struggle with people like Microsoft," he admitted, showing that the issues between the pair are unlikely to change anytime soon.