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Google says SMS integration and outgoing calls 'coming soon' to Hangouts

Google says SMS integration and outgoing calls 'coming soon' to Hangouts

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Google's new Hangouts messaging platform will feature SMS integration and outgoing calls in the future, a Google employee has confirmed. Dori Storbeck, Community Manager for Hangouts and Chat clarified that SMS features are "coming soon" in a Google+ post, adding that an SMS tie-in is already one of the most requested additions to the day-old app.

Hangouts launched on Gmail, Android, iOS, and Chrome yesterday at Google's I/O conference, integrating its existing chat and video services into a unified messaging platform. On Android, the Hangouts app already requires uses to give the app permission to read and send SMS messages before installation — which may enable Google to switch the feature live when it is ready without having to update the app. Given the closed nature of Apple's iOS platform, it isn't likely iPhone users will be able to directly integrate with SMS, although Storbeck does say future versions of Hangouts will support Google Voice features — including outbound calls. If you missed the Hangouts launch at Google I/O, why not get yourself up to speed by taking a look at our exclusive report on Google's new messaging service.

This article has been updated to include Storbeck's later comments on outbound calls.

Update: It looks like someone let the cat out of the bag a little too early. Storbeck has updated the Google+ post in which she said SMS support was headed to Hangouts, saying "Oops! We actually have nothing to announce at this time."