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New Google Music app breaks compatibility with ill-fated Nexus Q media streamer

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Nexus Q doorstop
Nexus Q doorstop

There's a lot to like about the new Google Play Music experience that was unveiled at I/O yesterday, but there's a downside for one small segment of the population: those intrepid souls using the Nexus Q. Unfortunately, it looks like the Nexus Q is not compatible with the new Google Play Music app — a post from a Google employee in the company's product forums confirms that you won't be able to stream music to Google's odd media streaming orb, and we've confirmed the truth of that statement with Google.

Of course, this isn't a huge surprise — Google quickly pulled the product from the Play Store just before it was planned to launch and compensated those who put in a pre-order with a free developer device. The product hasn't been seen since. That means that no one ever really shelled out cash for it (aside from those buying one on the secondary market), so we can't fault Google for not ensuring compatibility going forward. As far as we can tell, it still works with Play Videos and YouTube, but it wouldn't surprise us to see that compatibility break sooner or later. Given the complete absence of any Nexus Q-related news in the past months, it seems likely that this is the true beginning of the end for one of Google's most curious products.