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Apple TV to get first network television app with addition of CW

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cw network xbox app
cw network xbox app

The CW Network is bringing its shows to the Apple TV with a new app, reports Deadline. That makes it the first TV network to make its content directly available to viewers on the set-top box rather than through an intermediary like Netflix or Hulu. The network behind shows like 90210, Gossip Girl, and the Vampire Diaries will be launching the app sometime in the coming weeks, but no exact release date has been given.

The network announced its plans at its annual upfront ad sales event. Later, confirming the details to MacRumors, CW stated that the app would be similar to what it offers on Xbox and mobile platforms — programming would be ad-supported (i.e., no cable authentication required), and available a day after airing on TV. The model stands in stark contrast to HBO’s own ad-free Go streaming service, which requires you to log in with credentials that confirm your cable subscription. While HBO hasn’t made the jump to the Apple TV yet, president Eric Kessler said the company would get there back in February, although now it looks like CW will beat it to the punch.