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Microsoft turns to Vine iOS app for entertaining Internet Explorer ads

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IE vines
IE vines

Twitter's video-sharing app, Vine, has been used for a variety of teasers, including a Wolverine movie, a TV series, and the new Daft Punk album. Keen to promote its Internet Explorer browser, Microsoft is taking to Vine to create some entertaining and unique six-second sequences. In a series of "not your father's browser" clips posted to its browser you loved to hate site, Microsoft is once again poking fun at the perceptions of its old web browser.

The vines depict a relationship between old Internet Explorer and his son, modern Internet Explorer. One shows Internet Explorer 10 celebrating the news that he's adopted. Another includes a bluescreen when old Internet Explorer attempts to rotate, a modern feature of Internet Explorer 10. They're all lighthearted, and it's ironic to see Microsoft utilizing one of iOS' popular apps to create ads, but they have a serious undertone. Internet Explorer marketshare has fallen over the years, and Microsoft is battling to keep its share above 50 percent on the desktop side. As the company prepares its Internet Explorer 11 release, trolling IE haters and creating vines are on the agenda, but that's an improved approach from its recent Scroogled fear mongering.