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Google Hangouts Easter eggs include shy dinosaurs and stampeding ponies

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Google included some fun user-facing features in its new Hangouts messaging product, such as a massive suite of over 800 emoji characters. While the company advertises the emoji icons as a feature, it has unsurprisingly included some hidden Easter eggs, as well. As detailed by Google employee Moritz Tolxdorff, the six hidden features are enabled with basic commands within chats in Google+ or the Chrome Hangouts extension. You can trigger a stampede of ponies across your chat box, change the background color of the chat window, or even command a particularly shy dinosaur to appear and attempt to hide behind a house. And of course, the ever-present Konami Code is utilized to change your local background. Unfortunately, these hidden features don't work in video calls or on mobile devices, but they are fun to liven up a dull conversation while at your desk.