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Nintendo will show off unreleased Wii U games at Best Buy stores during E3

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Nintendo Wii U stock 1020
Nintendo Wii U stock 1020

Nintendo held its monthly Nintendo Direct online event today, and amidst the standard news about upcoming releases was an interesting detail about the company's plans for E3. According to North American President Reggie Fils-Aime, a partnership between Nintendo and Best Buy will bring unreleased Wii U games that the company is showing off at E3 to kiosks in the US and Canada. Fils-Aime said Nintendo was looking to bring the E3 experience to its fans around the country so they can share in the event with those actually on the ground. It's a rather clever way for Nintendo to build some buzz around the Wii U, which hasn't met expectations for Nintendo and is hurting the company's bottom line. The company didn't say what games it'll be showing off, but Nintendo says that it'll be releasing more details as well as which Best Buy locations will be taking place in this promotion "in the coming weeks." Of course, the success of this program will depend on the quality of the games Nintendo shows off.

Update: 89 Best Buy locations in 35 states will show off the Wii U demos, but only for a limited time and only on two specific days. Find them on Wednesday, June 12th from 4PM to 8PM local time, and from 1PM to 5PM on Saturday, June 15th. Find a full list of stores at Best Buy's website.