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Apple pulls Bang With Friends hookup app from the App Store

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Bang With Friends, the somewhat-controversial hookup app that lets users anonymously pick which of their Facebook friends they'd like to "bang" and then notifies users when there's a match, has had its iPhone app pulled from the App Store. There's no word on why yet — the Bang With Friends site simply says that "we're working with Apple to get BWF back into the App Store shortly." The app may have a clever premise that could be used to revolutionize all kinds of social interaction, but given the risque subject matter, we're not entirely surprised to hear that it's gone. While we all know at this point that Apple can ban apps with near-impunity, but if the company finds Bang With Friends so objectionable, why approve the app in the first place? We're reaching out to Apple and the apps developer and we'll let you know if we find out.